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this rebel is writing a book! REBELLIOUS JOY

It has been 2 years since my AncestryDNA surprise results. It has been a journey for my soul! If it had been a highway, it would have resembled the one I lived off of in Morenci, AZ. It used to have an ominous name; however, it was eventually changed. It is a dangerous and treacherous…

Thankful for the Rain

Today, I am thankful for the rain. I woke to the glorious sounds of water upon water as it danced off the glass door to our room. Once upon a time, the rain would lull me into a slumber as a somber spirit became my blanket. This morning, however, feels like velvet upon my skin.…

Grace and Forgiveness

Welcome back to my blog…oh I am speaking to myself! ha! But sincerely, it has been a while and I am so glad you are here! Recently, I recorded a video and I had been reluctant to post it merely because I look like a total dork on camera. After praying about it I came…

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