Under the guise of a ladies Christmas brunch, I became the future Mrs. Shane Beckwith. The date was 12/12/2020.

I am not sure the last ten years prepared for me this exact moment, but they have certainly prepared me for a life with this man.

My beautiful ring!

This is the most gorgeous ring I have ever had on my hand! My honey did a very good job!!

The spot!

This is the spot where he proposed to me. It was supposed to be a ladies brunch. He was able to keep about 20 people quiet in order to make this a surprise. The deck is behind one of my longest and best friend’s house.

The moment!

As I walked outside, I was told to keep on walking then he popped up and took my hand. Moments before he proposed, he asked that we pray together. It was the most beautifully romantic setting, gathering, and proposal. He absolutely blew me away. Of course, I knew this was coming at some point but he still took my breath away!

I said YES!!!
Don’t say no to me! 😆

This is where I reminded him that I was an only child and like hearing, “YES” to questions and requests. He said, “Noted. Should I be scared?” No, honey, it’s all good, trust me.

2020 ended with a literal ring to it!

2021, well that’s another story and a different post.

XOXO, Rachele

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