Mermaids’ Maritime Tales

We arrived at the airport to be greeted by Carnaval like characters, island music, and festive faces. the first character to greet us was towering over us from his stilts and dancing as if he had two bare feet. the beautiful ladies, donning bright colorful costumes were very welcoming. Their beauty was only outshone by their smiles. I felt most welcomed to the island of St. Thomas.

Captain Tim and our island greeters

This trip was two years in the making, for me and one of my best friends, Sharon. It had been rescheduled until the third time was a charm. We were supposed to this very week in 2020, which was planned in 2019! Siboney, my sweet friend, who is also one of my best friends, was the hostess, chef, and beautiful first mate to Captain Tim. The only thing prettier than her appearance is her heart of gold! She is one incredibly kind, outrageously thoughtful, and sweet mermaid.

Siboney & Rachele
Rachele, Siboney, & Sharon

Tim, our gracious captain, also my friend who is like a brother, is the kind of man with stories that would make you think he was 100 years old. Unlike, most men with stories like this, his are all true. He is as unique as he is accomplished. when you sail with him, you know you have a rescuer at the helm. Tim is a former Navy rescue diver, USCG certified, and a heart as big as the ocean.

Captain Tim Clark
Captain Tim & Siboney

Siboney and I met and were friends from that moment on. Our friendship grew quickly and I can’t imagine my life without her or Tim in it. Those two hit it off from the moment they set eyes upon one another. It was as if their hearts extended outward to one another and drew the other person in for all eternity. It feels my heart with such joy to see their relationship become this amazing journey. They were definitely created for one another. Their dreams and experiences have come together into a union that only God could accomplish. How else would that mid-west boy meet this beautiful south Texan lady? Only our Father can do something like that! Now their lives consist of one beautiful destination after another. Which brings me back to my journey and places me in one of the most beautiful places on earth, The Virgin Islands.

Six women and one captain all set sail from St. Thomas upon the Star Gazer and began a journey from one gorgeous shore to another. This vessel has almost everything one could hope for and definitely all that we need. The galley is roomy and all in one with the salon. With 4 roomy berths, each having its own head, this sailboat provided a wonderful home away from home for the week. There was plenty of room to nap, sun, watch the sunrise and sunset, all while maintaining adequate privacy and together time. This is a vacation I will repeat as often as possible for the remainder of my life.


Stay tuned for more on this mermaid’s journey around coves and bays of the US Virgin Islands.

Abiding Still,