Mermaids’ Maritime Tales – The Dark Side of Beauty

Moored at St. James Island, USVI

On April 26th, 2021, we moored the Star Gazer in Christmas Cove. As I was writing in my journal some thoughts hit me quite hard. I had to post the following on Facebook because I could not wait until I was able to post here on the blog. One never knows what darkness lies on the other side of beauty.

Christmas Cove, St. James Island, USVI

As I sit here alone in the galley writing in my journal, I cannot help but think of a categorical contrast to the beauty before my eyes and the past atrocities on an island just to my south.

Christmas Cove, St. James Island, USVI

We are moored in Christmas Cove, USVI, and in one turn we would be in view of what has come to be known as Pedo-Island. The island owned by Jeffery Epstein and his despicable guests.

Little St. James, on the other side of Christmas Cove

The irony of the name of this cove and the evil which was once lurking to the south does not escape my soul. I pray for his victims and hope they can find the healing due them. The hope and joy wrapped in the promise of Christmas is something that should not bring pain to someone. Then when you consider the beautiful surroundings of this area, I’m heartbroken over the distain imposed by a self-serving & atrocious individual.

I’m in awe of this beautiful paradise; yet I’m heartbroken at the same time.

Heartbroken but Abiding Still, Rachele

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