Our LORD, The Sovereign God!

Our Lord is completely in control, even when we try to take the wheel. I have had some major ups and downs over several years, and I felt like my feet were on shifting sand most of the time. (This is how emotions, valid or not, can make you feel.) The thing, or person, I go back to is our Lord. He has kept my feet on sure ground even when I have felt unsteady. Life can throw some pretty hard punches and it is only when I have leaned upon Him that I have felt secure. Putting security in another human is risky at best. Being human can be a beautiful syndrome with much abused privilege. We all have a “case” of something. (Pain, sorry, baggage, despair, grief, unresolved issues, etc.) BUT, but, the sovereignty of God remains, whether you believe in Him or not. I do not and cannot believe that we, as humans, just happened. How can you sense something from a stranger if not for an outside force or source? How can one discern the good or bad in an individual before even a word is spoken, if not for an outside force or source? I can’t wrap my mind around “energy” unless it is tied to something or someone. If our energy speaks to another person, then how can they relate if there is no translator? I firmly believe that is only because of the discernment granted by a sovereign source, our Creator.

The following came to me some time ago, my birthday in 2010 to be exact. 2010 was not that great of a year for me. I saw my world crumbling around me, but I had an unexplainable hope. To hope I clung with all my might. To His sovereignty, I placed my trust. It was HE and His sovereignty, that flooded my soul on March 5, 2010.


If you have been rejected: He is Sovereign!

If you have been abandoned: He is Sovereign!

If you have been deeply wounded: He is Sovereign!

If you have felt like a ship without a sail: He is Sovereign!

(btw, if you set out to sea with “emotion” as your sail….there are holes in it. I’m just sayin’…..)

If you have lost friends: He is Sovereign!

If you have lost your way: He is Sovereign!

If you have walked away: He is Sovereign!

If you have done anything that you believe could never be forgiven:

He is Sovereign!

See the LORD, Our LORD, the Sovereign God reigns, daily. If we think for one instant He is not there, we are fooled. Our belief doesn’t make it real. He is real beyond all confines of the mind. He is still there even in this economy, He is still there when the package or person for which you have waited so long hasn’t arrived. What are you waiting on today?

I love the ASL sign for waiting with hands and arms stable while the fingers are moving! This is a great picture with two perspectives: Anticipation of excitement OR Anxiousness in fear of what is to come. http://www.lifeprint.com/asl101/pages-signs/w/wait.htm

How are you waiting on your answered prayer today?

Determine your stance while remembering: He is Still Sovereign!

Abiding Still,