Glory of the Day

(A poem written by me on July 10, 2010.)

I am parched in a dry weary land, everywhere I turn there are offers to quench my thirst, yet I remain unsatisfied.

I wander from place to place, room to room, seeking tranquility and rest for my soul, yet I remain unsatisfied.

Time speeds by, the good ole days are only a memory in my aging mind, I seek comfort, yet I remain unsatisfied.

The days are harried, lists yet undone, duties increase, and I seek some release, yet I remain unsatisfied.

When I was my most thirsty, approaching insanity, forgetting all about me and busy in my pace, I met the One face to face and I’m no longer unsatisfied.

At the well marked “living water” I was offered a drink, I partook of one mere sip and I was fully satisfied.

In the room marked “the corner of my heart” I met a man, took his hand, bowed my head, received his breath, and I was satisfied.

On my knees, I begged for the days of old, for my memories to once again unfold. Then I met the one with one touch of his hand I caught a glimpse of Heaven land, he gave me rest and I was satisfied.

At the close of the day, I decided to pray, I poured my heart upon the one who keeps meeting me there, and He spoke Peace, Perfect Peace, and I am satisfied.

On the dawn of the very next day, I thanked Jesus for quenching my thirst, calming my mind, giving me rest and peace, perfect peace, Glory to God I will remain satisfied!

In Him, Rachele