Morning Ritual


This morning began with a ritual many in my town experience, the line to the beach to view the rising sun. To some, it would be their last sunrise from the beach, to others their first, and some would experience their last sunrise on earth. The line of cars in front of me filled me with anticipation and I began to wonder how they would enjoy this particular sunrise. Would it be with wonder or worry? Would it be with sadness or delight?

As I walked along the seawall, I exchanged good morning greetings and greetings of wonder. One even said, “What a unique and beautiful sunrise.” as he walked his little pup along the wall. I nodded and responded, “It is unique indeed!” I smiled my big smile and briskly walked along my way.

This might have been an ordinary day for you my friends, but for me it began uniquely and ended the same. I feel the pain for friends with grief and loss as well as the glee of celebration in the lives of others.

No day is to be taken for granted. I did not take one moment of this day with an ordinary view, yet I embraced it with the unique perspective it deserves.