Thankful for the Rain

Today, I am thankful for the rain. I woke to the glorious sounds of water upon water as it danced off the glass door to our room. Once upon a time, the rain would lull me into a slumber as a somber spirit became my blanket. This morning, however, feels like velvet upon my skin. It is another fresh beginning as we welcome November into our lives.

Today, I am grateful for the rain. A smile fills my face as gratefulness floods my soul. It’s chilly outside. This time of year flips the wind upon its side and it feels cooler than the thermometer reads. A stark contrast to our beloved days of summer filled with sandy beaches and dark tans. Our skin is lighter but so should our burdens be. I am grateful for the rain that washes away yesterday and gives way to the new.

Today, I am blessed by the rain. As the water paves a new path, I am blessed to see all the people I meet along life’s way. I am thankful for the friendships restored and how it makes our hearts so full. I am grateful for the newness and blessed by the tribe which surrounds me. I am blessed by the rain for it quenches my thirsty soul and makes all things new.

Thank you Lord, for waking me today and allowing me to see the beauty of the rain and reminding me that your everlasting love is the ultimate reign. Your reign washes away sickness and disease. Your reign cleanses us white as snow. Your reign is the giver of life and granter of all the blessings. Your reign says that our trials are also your trials and we are not alone. I am thankful, grateful, and blessed by Your Reign.

Abiding Still, Rachele

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