Thankful for the Rain

Today, I am thankful for the rain. I woke to the glorious sounds of water upon water as it danced off the glass door to our room. Once upon a time, the rain would lull me into a slumber as a somber spirit became my blanket. This morning, however, feels like velvet upon my skin. It is another fresh beginning as we welcome November into our lives.

Today, I am grateful for the rain. A smile fills my face as gratefulness floods my soul. It’s chilly outside. This time of year flips the wind upon its side and it feels cooler than the thermometer reads. A stark contrast to our beloved days of summer filled with sandy beaches and dark tans. Our skin is lighter but so should our burdens be. I am grateful for the rain that washes away yesterday and gives way to the new.

Today, I am blessed by the rain. As the water paves a new path, I am blessed to see all the people I meet along life’s way. I am thankful for the friendships restored and how it makes our hearts so full. I am grateful for the newness and blessed by the tribe which surrounds me. I am blessed by the rain for it quenches my thirsty soul and makes all things new.

Thank you Lord, for waking me today and allowing me to see the beauty of the rain and reminding me that your everlasting love is the ultimate reign. Your reign washes away sickness and disease. Your reign cleanses us white as snow. Your reign is the giver of life and granter of all the blessings. Your reign says that our trials are also your trials and we are not alone. I am thankful, grateful, and blessed by Your Reign.

Abiding Still, Rachele

Morning Ritual


This morning began with a ritual many in my town experience, the line to the beach to view the rising sun. To some, it would be their last sunrise from the beach, to others their first, and some would experience their last sunrise on earth. The line of cars in front of me filled me with anticipation and I began to wonder how they would enjoy this particular sunrise. Would it be with wonder or worry? Would it be with sadness or delight?

As I walked along the seawall, I exchanged good morning greetings and greetings of wonder. One even said, “What a unique and beautiful sunrise.” as he walked his little pup along the wall. I nodded and responded, “It is unique indeed!” I smiled my big smile and briskly walked along my way.

This might have been an ordinary day for you my friends, but for me it began uniquely and ended the same. I feel the pain for friends with grief and loss as well as the glee of celebration in the lives of others.

No day is to be taken for granted. I did not take one moment of this day with an ordinary view, yet I embraced it with the unique perspective it deserves.

Bracing for Impact in a Marginless World

Key words to consider while reading this post: boundaries, forgiveness, space, offense, easily offended (doesn’t mean what you think it means), unoffendable, and finally margins.

This morning as I read my devotionals, I felt compelled to share what had spoken to my heart and mind. I saw images of many types of vehicles coming to a sudden stop. When I saw the semi’s I realized that they must be prepared at any moment for those who failed to properly brace for impact. It takes a lot longer to come to a complete stop when weight and speed are the determining factors for true efficacy. A semi has two methods of stopping: brakes and engine braking. In my travels, I have seen the signs that do not allow semi trucks to use engine braking. This means that they must be prepared for the brakes to safely do their job and trust others to leave them space. Then it hit me, figuratively of course, that this fit within with my devotionals, except it concerns people.

Sometimes I will remind anyone who chooses to read my posts that I am a Christian, imperfect human, and use scripture when writing. I will say that one might not understand, especially not agree, if they do not believe in the Lord. However, this subject can benefit anyone whose life lacks margins. I hope in some small way you “hear” what my heart is trying to convey and that it helps you to grasp a morsel of peace.

I had never looked at needing margins in life, but I have definitely recognized the need for boundaries or lack thereof. The use of margins makes much more sense in dealing with forgiveness and conversely being easily offended.

Think about the word: margin. When looking at stats there is always the +/- ‘margin of error’ to consider. When I looked up the Greek and Hebrew words for margin I found a common word: allowance. In the Hebrew translation I found an interesting word: boundary and in Greek: border. It would seem that the words would be interchangeable but from previous studies I know that these languages will use one word for many contextual meanings. The English language can misuse a word, it would seem, when trying to translate original Biblical text. This is why I dig.

For the Greek use of margin it can mean: shore, bank, border, and ALLOWANCE. For the Hebrew use of margin there were more words listed: boundary, tension, voltage, strain, suspense, bias, space, language, edge, gap, seam, tassel, limit, rim….you get the picture. Funny how when crossing a boundary many of those things are the experience – voltage, strain, bias…etc.

When bracing for impact, you have knowledge of the ‘limit’ to the ‘edge’. One might even experience ‘stain’ if the margin is close. One will always need ‘space’ and ‘gaps’ in order to stop before the ‘boundary’ is breached. Taking all of this into consideration regarding relationships, I wanted to see what that looked like.

Colossians 3:13 says, ” “Make allowance for each other’s faults, and forgive anyone who offends you. Remember, the Lord forgave you, so you must forgive others.” Colossians 3:13 (NLT)- New Living Translation. In the other translations, which do not vary much, you might see the word, bearing instead of allowance. That is when it hit me!!! When I say ‘hit me’, it was like a MAC truck who did not have enough space, margin, distance, or gap to effectually stop using only the brakes.

So many of us, most of us, are so easily offended that it would not matter what the context was of any situation, if you are offended you own it and proudly raise the flag of offense! In the verse for today we can easily see that Christ says that the penalty has been declined! (I suppose football would have worked instead of brakes! ha!) Christ then also tells us to forgive AS HE FORGAVE! It’s the little tiny word “AS” that always strikes me. As, as in the same way. When you look at His words in red then compare it to Col. 3:13, you might also see what I did.

How do I forgive AS Christ did? BEFORE THE OFFENSE EVEN OCCURS! Read that again, BEFORE IT HAPPENS! He died before we were born; it only makes sense. He made space for us in our humanness, allowed the margin for error, reviewed the scene, and forgave us anyway. He bore our sins and it was painful. Sometimes it is very painful to “bear with one another” and it is difficult to forgive. Then as some of us do, we banter about forgive and forget. Notice that Christ did not address that for us, only for Himself did He mention the forgetting. So we need to let that go. Our memories are there but it is in how easily we are offended that a small offense becomes something larger. I will venture to say that those who are easily offended deal with pride issues often. I have been there, so I am not pointing fingers. When easily offended, we allow our emotions to rule over us. Then anytime the offender deals with you, you brace for impact for the next offense and give ZERO space for their human margin of error.

I could go on and on regarding these words, those verses, and how it impacted me this morning, but I will close this with advice I read. Perhaps most of us need to do some or all of the following in order for peace to reign in our lives whether we are believers or not. I took the following advice from my devotionals linked below this post.

Allow the margin. Leave a gap. Create space.

Let it go. Let it go. Let it go.

Forgive them. 

Forgive dad. 

Forgive mom. 

Forgive the teacher. 

Forgive the ex boyfriend. 

Forgive the ex girlfriend. 

Forgive the ex spouse. 

Forgive the current one. 

Forgive your sibling. 

Forgive your old boss. 

Forgive your old friend. 

Forgive the coach.

Forgive your last pastor. 

Forgive the person who used a racial slur. 

Forgive the police. 

Forgive the government. 

Forgive a President. 

I see plenty in the list above that needs my attention. Christ, first and foremost, got my attention this morning. I am going to work on creating space to allow for those margins. I am going to make sure I have enough space that when bracing for impact. My prayer is that you were not offended when reading this. Thank you for allowing me the space to share my heart.

In Him, Rachele Beckwith

Holy Rumination

I know I am not alone when I confess that my mind can be a real huge mess! This mind of mine will convince me that if I think over something enough, I can fix it or manage it! It feels horrible to be lost in ones own thoughts, especially when they are negative. Many people suffer from this and the mental health community calls it RUMINATION. The perpetual influx of such negative thinking does affect your perspective on people and circumstances. Even more than that, it affects your emotional and physical health.

When you are hurting from rejection, lies, perfectionism, disparaging comments, loneliness, stress, the past, or feelings of not being good enough, what do you do? What is your go to method of dealing with life’s inevitable disappointments or failures in your own life? As I shared above, I had convinced myself that thinking about it over and over again might help or fix it. It has never worked. Overthinking something without action, follow-up, or actual communication will keep you in the loop of your own thoughts.

What about how you view yourself? Has the thought ever occurred to you that how you see yourself deeply drives your response to life’s disappointments? For me, I know that when I have not felt good enough my responses to things would be defensive at best, but at the worst moments you convince yourself you don’t deserve any better. It is unfortunate that I spent that time beating myself up due to the actions of others. If I could just do…..If I could just be….If I could….Then I WOULD BE GOOD ENOUGH! WRONG! I was so wrong!! When you know who you are you don’t have to tell others WHO YOU ARE. And when you know WHOSE you are, it all comes into focus.

In order for me to believe that God thinks about me is true, I had to understand that I will never be perfect. It is crucial to understand that mistakes and failures will happen. But before you are caught in the grip of perfectionism, GET UP! I know it is all easier said than done. If I know who I am, I don’t have to tell you or prove it. Why? If I am who I think I am, my actions will show it, and my spoken responses will also give insight into who I am. If I say I love but I am always putting you down, would you believe that I loved you? Would you consider me kindhearted? My guess is, no, you would discern that I was critical or just mean and did not love you.

So how do you talk to yourself? I am going to list some questions below and I challenge you to do a self-check.

  • Do you constantly overthink?
  • How do you view yourself?
  • Do you think that your actions reveal how you see yourself?
  • When you look in the mirror, do you like or love what you see?
  • Do you replay the rejections you have experienced? Losses? Failures? Harsh Words? Lies?
  • Do you often think about your fears? What are you afraid of? (It is probably similar to what we have already reviewed.)
  • How do you describe yourself?
  • How do you receive compliments?
  • How do you receive critique?

Whether you view yourself higher or lower than others, it is rooted in insecurity. Insecurity usually comes from a trauma like being abandoned, abused, bullied, or believing you are not good enough. Maybe it was rejection in love or from a parent. Maybe it was experiencing death too soon in your life that it felt like abandonment. Maybe it is finding out that you had different birth parent(s)! Circumstances too often thwart how we see ourselves and others. Sometimes your life has been altered because you were collateral damage in someone else’s war. Perhaps, life has shaped you to feel insecure.

I have experienced a lot of these circumstances just like you. If you have trusted others, you have probably experienced betrayal. If you have ever loved, you have probably experienced heartache. Perhaps as a kid, we either felt safe or afraid, loved or abused, praised or put down, spoiled or ignored, disciplined or punished, you get the picture. Our experiences shape our perspective on people, circumstances, and our own self-view. But what if you are a Christian? Here are some questions for anyone who is in Christ:

  • Do you believe God loves you?
  • Do you believe what God has said about you through His Word?
  • Are you overly concerned about how others view you or talk about you? (Is it the opinion of others what matters most to you? Or do you not care at all, like zero thoughts about what others think? (We tend to deal in extremes as a reaction to what life throws at us.)
  • Do you concern yourself on how you make others feel with your words or actions?
  • Ask the same question to yourself: Do you concern yourself with how you feel when thinking negative thoughts?
  • Do you constantly feel guilty?
  • Do you ever truly feel free?

Look at the word picture at the beginning of this post then look at the one below. I used a lemon image for the negative thoughts, pun intended! People trapped in trapped in negative thinking do usually have a bitter look on their face. In contrast, I used the infinity symbol filled with positive words to visualize God’s love for us.

Being a former overthinker, I can attest that changing HOW you think will help you change WHAT you think! Even more so, it will change your perspective! Friends and family would warn me upon learning bad or sad news not to get lost in my mind and stay there. They knew me well. The NEWEST me no longer uses that coping strategy. I still criticize myself at times, but I am no longer in the perpetual loop of my former desperate mind. When something has pierced my heart or I am overly concerned about the opinions of others, I take it to Philippians 4:8!

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

Philippians 4:8 (NIV)

Now back to rumination and how we think: Rumination usually includes negative repetitive thinking over something, someone, or a feeling about oneself. So, how can that be changed? First of all, it does not have to be negative! What if you applied the command in Philippians 4:8 to all things possible? What if you applied it to yourself regarding your own self-talk? I sense a transformation in the works!!! Second, you should only concern yourself about what God has to say about you! As a Christian, you do need to believe what He thinks of you! He longs to prosper you and give you hope, peace, love, and the deepest desires of your heart!!! Finally, I think it is possible to get there quickly when you spend time in His Word, repeat the positive verses that speak to your soul, memorize and cling to them!

Beginning with Philippians 4:8, apply the words to every thought regarding yourself, especially to those which develop an unhealthy self-talk! Is it true what you say about yourself? Is it Noble? Is it pure? Is it lovely? Is it admirable? No? Then if anything you say about yourself is excellent or praiseworthy, think about those things!!

Next, I challenge you to look up and list Bible verses that proclaim God’s love and thoughts about His people. Finally, meditate upon those verses and allow His love to become so engrained that your mind is beautifully transformed with a Holy Rumination!

My prayer is that you will truly love yourself and recognize that YOU ARE THE ONE WHOM JESUS LOVES! (That is a clue regarding the next scheduled post!)

In His Love, Rachele Beckwith

Glory of the Day

(A poem written by me on July 10, 2010.)

I am parched in a dry weary land, everywhere I turn there are offers to quench my thirst, yet I remain unsatisfied.

I wander from place to place, room to room, seeking tranquility and rest for my soul, yet I remain unsatisfied.

Time speeds by, the good ole days are only a memory in my aging mind, I seek comfort, yet I remain unsatisfied.

The days are harried, lists yet undone, duties increase, and I seek some release, yet I remain unsatisfied.

When I was my most thirsty, approaching insanity, forgetting all about me and busy in my pace, I met the One face to face and I’m no longer unsatisfied.

At the well marked “living water” I was offered a drink, I partook of one mere sip and I was fully satisfied.

In the room marked “the corner of my heart” I met a man, took his hand, bowed my head, received his breath, and I was satisfied.

On my knees, I begged for the days of old, for my memories to once again unfold. Then I met the one with one touch of his hand I caught a glimpse of Heaven land, he gave me rest and I was satisfied.

At the close of the day, I decided to pray, I poured my heart upon the one who keeps meeting me there, and He spoke Peace, Perfect Peace, and I am satisfied.

On the dawn of the very next day, I thanked Jesus for quenching my thirst, calming my mind, giving me rest and peace, perfect peace, Glory to God I will remain satisfied!

In Him, Rachele

We Are Not Useless

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life” (John 3:16).

Always remember from where you have been lifted and continue to look up! From the deepest pits we can rise and from to the highest mountains we can fall. Our all knowing, all loving, Heavenly Father is there to encourage us and lift us when we fall. I wrote most of this in 2009 and I did fall and I did wander. I became the epitome of the prodigal. Avoiding my convictions and doing what made me feel good in the moment was my goal. The years had brought a lot of pain into my heart. Years of what I thought was sacrifice became painful reminders that I was not good enough. I basically felt useless.

I thank you and praise you dear Lord Jesus for cleansing a sinner like me and making me whole. With my whole life, I want to thank you for teaching me Your ways and showing me Your path. I pray that you never allow me to stray and keep me from being useless to and in Your Kingdom. I love you Jesus and I want my whole life to show it. Amen

As a Baptist not only was John 3:16 my first verse to memorize but it is the verse most engraved upon my soul.

My Savior moved not just mountains for me but myself from me and entered into my life. I remember how I was, all of the gory details, but I am so thankful that is the past. I am certain failure lingers ever so closely, but with Christ I am kept in perfect peace regardless of trials and circumstances. I am able to face the days ahead as I live with grateful heart. 

When deep within my rebellion the Lord tapped me on my shoulder and reminded me of His plans for me: 

Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” I was ready for the future and I decided I was ready for HIS future in my life. 

I was deeply ignorant, but I thank my LORD, He sent a Savior! (1 Timothy 1:12-17) I can honestly say I am chief sinner here as well, although that is not a headdress I would be proud to display. If sinning were a competition, I would have most of you beat; again not a proud feat at all for me. 

God just flat astonishes me! My Savior swept me right off my feet and I am still reeling and relishing this dance. His agape love that reaches beyond all understanding and without limits was expressed to someone like me, sinful, broken, putrid, and hideous. Yet He loved me and all of us so much that He appointed His one and only son to be our sacrifice, bestowing Jesus to us. 

You know the 10 Commandments, right??? Been there broke that. (sighBUT on a more positive note, I believe God wants me to see the potential HE realizes for me and I think I found that Truth revealed in John 3:16. So I wanted to take this time to share with you that all familiar passage. But please I beg of you read it as if you have never read it before and allow the truth of the root words to bury themselves deep within your soul. You will be ready to shout hallelujah, I promise you!

I knew that looking deep into this verse would cause gratitude to overflow from my heart. Since it is a very familiar verse to me, I desired a fresh perspective. So, join me as I thank the Lord for giving His only Son, securing our eternity, and “making us useful”. 

The following summary was created by researching the words found in John 3:16 via Strong’s, and interpreted from the Greek root words:

“Indeed, God loved His creation beyond compare, in such a way, He supplied His one and only son in order that each and everyone would put full confidence into Him. Then they will not be destroyed or rendered useless instead given the exception to the possession of a full active vigorous life wholly devoted to God without end.”

I don’t know about you but that just blew me away! Our need, His supply, so we will not be useless!!!! 

How can we have the full and active life without end if we do not first put our trust in HIM?

How could we not have been destroyed if it were not for the Lord and His ultimate sacrifice?

How could we ever feel useful if we do not pursue His plans for our lives?

How can we not praise Him when He has given so much for us?

How can we not feel loved when the author of Love itself is surrounding us?

He loves us! He loves me!

All because He first loved us! I am speechless and breathless.

To whomever reads this, have a wonderful and blessed day!


Our LORD, The Sovereign God!

Our Lord is completely in control, even when we try to take the wheel. I have had some major ups and downs over several years, and I felt like my feet were on shifting sand most of the time. (This is how emotions, valid or not, can make you feel.) The thing, or person, I go back to is our Lord. He has kept my feet on sure ground even when I have felt unsteady. Life can throw some pretty hard punches and it is only when I have leaned upon Him that I have felt secure. Putting security in another human is risky at best. Being human can be a beautiful syndrome with much abused privilege. We all have a “case” of something. (Pain, sorry, baggage, despair, grief, unresolved issues, etc.) BUT, but, the sovereignty of God remains, whether you believe in Him or not. I do not and cannot believe that we, as humans, just happened. How can you sense something from a stranger if not for an outside force or source? How can one discern the good or bad in an individual before even a word is spoken, if not for an outside force or source? I can’t wrap my mind around “energy” unless it is tied to something or someone. If our energy speaks to another person, then how can they relate if there is no translator? I firmly believe that is only because of the discernment granted by a sovereign source, our Creator.

The following came to me some time ago, my birthday in 2010 to be exact. 2010 was not that great of a year for me. I saw my world crumbling around me, but I had an unexplainable hope. To hope I clung with all my might. To His sovereignty, I placed my trust. It was HE and His sovereignty, that flooded my soul on March 5, 2010.


If you have been rejected: He is Sovereign!

If you have been abandoned: He is Sovereign!

If you have been deeply wounded: He is Sovereign!

If you have felt like a ship without a sail: He is Sovereign!

(btw, if you set out to sea with “emotion” as your sail….there are holes in it. I’m just sayin’…..)

If you have lost friends: He is Sovereign!

If you have lost your way: He is Sovereign!

If you have walked away: He is Sovereign!

If you have done anything that you believe could never be forgiven:

He is Sovereign!

See the LORD, Our LORD, the Sovereign God reigns, daily. If we think for one instant He is not there, we are fooled. Our belief doesn’t make it real. He is real beyond all confines of the mind. He is still there even in this economy, He is still there when the package or person for which you have waited so long hasn’t arrived. What are you waiting on today?

I love the ASL sign for waiting with hands and arms stable while the fingers are moving! This is a great picture with two perspectives: Anticipation of excitement OR Anxiousness in fear of what is to come.

How are you waiting on your answered prayer today?

Determine your stance while remembering: He is Still Sovereign!

Abiding Still,


Mermaids’ Maritime Tales

Tonight, I saw the “flash” as the sun set for the first time in my life!! 😍🥰❣️⚓️🧜🏼‍♀️🏖💃🏼🎉🏝🏴‍☠️

Sharon Slonaker and I got our hook bracelets from Bamboo, Port A’s ( Bron’s Beach Carts) received recognition at Woody’s, and the sunset was spectacular! 

Mermaids’ Maritime Tales – The Dark Side of Beauty

Moored at St. James Island, USVI

On April 26th, 2021, we moored the Star Gazer in Christmas Cove. As I was writing in my journal some thoughts hit me quite hard. I had to post the following on Facebook because I could not wait until I was able to post here on the blog. One never knows what darkness lies on the other side of beauty.

Christmas Cove, St. James Island, USVI

As I sit here alone in the galley writing in my journal, I cannot help but think of a categorical contrast to the beauty before my eyes and the past atrocities on an island just to my south.

Christmas Cove, St. James Island, USVI

We are moored in Christmas Cove, USVI, and in one turn we would be in view of what has come to be known as Pedo-Island. The island owned by Jeffery Epstein and his despicable guests.

Little St. James, on the other side of Christmas Cove

The irony of the name of this cove and the evil which was once lurking to the south does not escape my soul. I pray for his victims and hope they can find the healing due them. The hope and joy wrapped in the promise of Christmas is something that should not bring pain to someone. Then when you consider the beautiful surroundings of this area, I’m heartbroken over the distain imposed by a self-serving & atrocious individual.

I’m in awe of this beautiful paradise; yet I’m heartbroken at the same time.

Heartbroken but Abiding Still, Rachele

This Mermaid’s Maritime Tale – God’s Humor

If you have read the other posts on my blog, then you know that I found out some shocking news this year. 2021 has been anything but boring! In January, I discovered that my father was not my biological father after all. I mean, if you have looked at the pictures then you know…the resemblance was unreal! This year also brought me a sister through this bio-dad. She is fabulous! Let us now fast forward to April 28, 2021. This day would have been my daddy’s 79th birthday. But, it was also Siboney’s birthday!! These were two very good reasons that my heart longed to have the trip inclusive of this date in particular. I needed this time with her, time to myself to reminisce about my dad, now to use this date to have peace with the news, and finally I really needed the time at sea to spend it with my Heavenly Father! (I am a huge fan of run-on sentences…haha, just kidding, but it had to be done!)

April 28th, 2021 began with a beautiful double rainbow, which we thought would be a sign to the last of our daily island rain. Instead it was an all day drenching. Nothing like some gloomy skies to process devastating news, right?! This was the day to celebrate Siboney and for me to find some peace about my dad situation. Our plans were also sure to be enough of a distraction for me as well. We had planned for Cinnamon Bay that day then onto a lovely new private resort for a lavish experience on Siboney’s happy day. By the time we arrived to Lovango Resort, the rain had decided to stay. Being the good crew from a sailboat, we did the next best thing and adjusted our sails. Who wouldn’t do just that? Take a look at the next few pictures and you can tell me if it is just too beautiful to let the rain get you down?! From the rains behind the hills, to the white sandy beach, cotton candy skies, and the window to the sea in Cinnamon Bay (Ventana al Mar Canela Bay), this day was filled with many gifts and blessings. Of course, spending a birthday with your mermaid soul sister, is the icing on the cake! (Pun absolutely intended!)

By now, you must be asking yourself exactly why this is about God’s sense of humor. You shall wait no longer….

Waking up to the gorgeous double rainbow definitely helped set the tone for the day. However, today was still not going to be easy in my mind. I had set the day up to be a bit bad that way I would be happy if it turned out wonderful. Also, this day was not wholly about me and I wanted to make sure that stayed in the forefront. However, I must admit that a certain level of sadness encompassed my heart and soul as unexpected memories besieged me. Some sent me into fits of laughter, while others caused me to search for a space to be alone.

Once we left Cinnamon Bay, which deserves its own post, we moored up to the Lovango Beach Club and Resort. The rain had begun to ease some, so we called for the dingy to take us ashore. Since it was Siboney’s birthday and raining, they gave us a covered cabana for our stay and our own server. Our server’s name was Jimmy and he was from Boston. Lovango was owned by the same people of Martha’s Vineyard. Due to the seasonal employment and the pandemic, they offered positions in paradise to some of their employees. I would work there in a New York minute!! It is stunning!

Here is where my laughter began and my attitude greatly shifted regarding my dad, bio-dad, and Heavenly Dad. My daddy’s name was Johnny but he was called Chico. Bio-dad’s name was….I will give you a moment to guess…yes it’s the same as our server!! It WAS JIMMY! My biological father’s name was James but he went by Jimmy. Upon hearing this particular name, I looked right at Sharon and proclaimed, “God definitely has a sense of humor!! And he wanted me enjoying this day with a smile!” So I had to talk to Jimmy all day on Chico’s birthday!! I am not sure either father would have appreciated the humor but I certainly did! Even now, as I type this post on the rainiest day of 2021 in Corpus Christi, TX, I cannot help but laugh again! If I had the time and the money, I think I would have liked to buy Jimmy from Boston a drink and share my story. Maybe next time I will do exactly that!

This post must be concluded with a little advice from me. This year has not been easy but it has offered and produced many blessings and gifts. If I had not allowed for attitude adjustments, perspective challenges, and kept an open heart I would have missed them all! Be very willing to ADJUST YOUR SAILS in this life whether you have difficult news or the best news of your life. Happiness and joy can be YOUR CHOICE!!! And I must admit, this is much easier to do in paradise!!

Until next time my friends, I am Abiding Still,