this rebel is writing a book! REBELLIOUS JOY

It has been 2 years since my AncestryDNA surprise results. It has been a journey for my soul! If it had been a highway, it would have resembled the one I lived off of in Morenci, AZ. It used to have an ominous name; however, it was eventually changed. It is a dangerous and treacherous highway with horseshoe turns and spectacular views. This is a great word image of my personal journey.

I was conceived during a split in a 10 yearlong marriage and a casualty of someone else’s war. However, I remain joyful, even on my darkest days. I had all the permission in the world to slip into anger or depression. This was not an easy journey. Now, I am being led to share the healthy and healing aspects, the steps, the turns, the scenery, and dangerous horseshoe turns.

What is JOY? This word does not usually entice us to think of rebellion or defiance. JOY is typically associated with the emotion of happiness and the season of Christmas. God gave me permission to stay joyful in my grief, sorrow, and shock.

I had to EMBRACE TRUTH, FIND PEACE, AND CHOOSE JOY. I had a new part to my identity, and it definitely sent me into crisis mode. Choosing JOY means that you choose to have a healthy mindset on your circumstances and will not give them power to rob you of your peace.

For two Advent seasons in a row, I was asked to share about two of the topics: Peace and Joy. In 2021, I shared a story about PEACE. In 2022, I shared on Joy. My book will contain some of these details once it is published but I wanted to share these now. One never knows when a timely word will help someone in their sorrow, grief, and dismay. Please forgive the format as I do not have the appropriate editing software.

In 2021, I was asked to share about Peace for Advent. This is part of my story.
In 2022, I was asked to share about JOY. This is part of my story.

Thank you for stopping by. Please let me know if you have experienced a DNA surprise, I would love to hear your story.

Abiding Still,
Rachele Beckwith